The Magic

Magic Mitch specialises in close up magic, which can be a very powerful form of entertainment, suited to many occasions where you want to add something very special and memorable to your event.

As you may have gathered Mitch doesn't take himself too seriously and puts the emphasis on entertainment, but he always does exceptionally cool and brain bending magic that is unique and just a bit strange!

One group may experience his breath-taking "magic banana and the guillotine of death" routine while another may witness the incredible "haunted deck" where a pack of cards actually cut themselves and the chosen card flies out across the table! He will often leave a magical gift for a lady in the group such as his "pearl poodle" or "paper rose"; these little gifts leave a lasting impression and help to make the event even more memorable!

International Brotherhood of MagiciansMitch is a full member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (he really is) and has been performing his unique brand of quirky magic for over 20 years. Don't expect the usual cheesy card tricks from Magic Mitch, all his routines are unique and above all, entertaining!

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Magic Mitch will entertain your guests with either strolling magic at your garden party or table magic at your seated event, either at home or in a restaurant or bar. For weddings, magic at the tables is becoming increasingly popular; Magic Mitch will keep your guests entertained between courses and even has some extra special tricks up his sleeve for the special couple!

For larger groups Mitch will often be joined by fellow magic nut Allan the Magic man (the bald one)

Dinner Party Magic

If staying in is the new going out then why not add some magic to make it special! This is an area which Magic Mitch has really made his own. He will visit your dinner party and entertain your guests at the table; he has a number of routines to choose from including his fabulous but a little spooky "Ghost Hunter" presentation detailed below. He will devise a bespoke magic show just for you and your guests and can even include a magic master class at the end where your guests will learn a trick to perform for their own friends and family!

Magic Storytelling

Ghost HunterNew for this year Magic Mitch presents "Ghost Hunter; a Story of Ghosts, Spirits and Red Spongy Balls". Seated at a table with an old box of strange bits and pieces he obtained at an auction, Mitch tells the tale of a famous and very real ghost hunter who lived at the turn of the 20th century. Magical effects are intertwined with the story to provide a unique experience. Suited to small and intimate settings, ideal for a dinner party after dark! ... and the red spongy balls? You'll have to book him to find out!

Children's Magic

Following disappointing reviews of his show "Dr Death and the Theatre of Blood meets Noddy", Magic Mitch is taking time off from performing kids magic shows, but watch this space!

Whatever your event, magic can make it extra special.