About Mitch

Travelling WidelyWhen not travelling in faraway places with the fairies, Magic Mitch is a well known local entertainer who entertains locally and is well known. Born at a young age, Mitch was bitten by the magic bug as a boy and was inspired by legends such as Harry Houdini, Sooty and "that old bloke from Star Wars"

As a young man Mitch travelled widely in search of the real secrets of magic. His journeys took him to isolated and remote villages such as Birchington and Westgate on Sea where local Shaman and medicine men revealed many mysteries to him.

Hercules the Wonder DogWhen he returned, he set about building a touring show with "Hercules the Wonder Dog" but this was abandoned after an unfortunate incident at the "Canine Canon Ball" finale.

Magic Mitch now performs mainly close up magic in Thanet and the surrounding areas and is often seen on local CCTV. He is frequently described as "probably the best magician in Margate in his price range" and was the first magician to make a balloon out of a poodle.

Magic Mitch is a founding member of the Southern Sorcerers, a small group of Thanet magicians bound together by their love of Wagon Wheels, cheap beer and card tricks. He performs regularly at local restaurants and bars such as The Captain Digby, The Margate Winter Gardens and the Broadstairs Pavillion.

What they say about Magic Mitch

"Mitch is so clean and very well-mannered with a cute little face" - Mrs Cook

"We always knew Magic Mitch was Margate's best kept secret, now we've seen him perform we know why...but we cant tell you, it's a secret" - P. Doff

"An explosive detonation of magic that showers you in the debris of wonder and the shrapnel of mystery" - MOD Monthly